LOH 建筑师事务所与北京清华同衡规划设计研究院城市空间艺术设计研究所的专业合作及发展战略

Toronto, Canada

2013 年8 月8日_新闻发布

LO H 建筑师事务所已与中国北京清华同衡规划设计研究院所属城市与空间艺术设

2013 年8 月21 日_新闻发布


Canadian architect designs in China to boost brand at home

The Globe and Mail
Thursday, Oct. 24 2013, 5:00 AM EDT

It didn’t take Joseph Loh very long to realize how difficult it is for a small architecture firm to compete for large-scale projects in Canada.

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When Smog Smells Like Opportunity

December 12, 2013

Last month, China waved a red flag in front of bullish entrepreneurs in the world of green technology.
China’s air quality hit an all-time low, notably in the northern city of Harbin where the air index reached 1,000, and Shanghai which recently hit 503 (anything above 50 is deemed unsafe).
The Chinese government’s response: the announcement of US$830 million in prizes and funding for global companies whose technology can provide an environmental fix.

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Net Zero Energy Grand Stair Ontario Science Centre

Toronto, Canada
May 2, 2011

Enclosed in glass, the proposed grand stair accentuates the experience of the valley forest at the Ontario Science Centre…

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LOH ARCHITECTS Associates Inc. teams up with Beijing-based

Urban Spatial Arts Design and Research Institute

Wednesday, Aug. 19 2013

Joseph Loh, principal and executive director of LOH ARCHITECTS Associates Inc., has
been appointed to serve as vice president and chief architect of the joint venture.

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Proposed Markham arena draws Chinese investor interest

The Star
Wednesday, Aug. 07 2013

A Toronto firm confirms there has been a “very preliminary” offshore look at the proposed landmark project.

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Shanxi Datong Culture and Arts Center Awarded to LOH ARCHITECTS Associates Inc.

Toronto, Canada
Wednesday, Sep. 10 2012

The new construction comprises 6.2 million square feet (580,000 square metre), making this the largest multi-functional culture and arts centre in Shanxi province.

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Towards Zero Energy Buildings and Communities: The Museum of Taichung City

Toronto, Canada
Wednesday, Sep. 2011

Toronto-based design FIRM LOH ARCHITECTS recently focused their research on two competition schemes that explored the relationship between architecture and energy sustainability: an urban museum with an observation tower and a precinct master plan, both situated on an expansive site in Taichung City.

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Zero Energy Landmark Tower: Observatory Museum and Sustainability

Toronto, Canada
Summer 2011

Positive energy and carbon neutral concept design proposal for a 400-meter tall observation and telecommunications tower to be situated at the urban heart of Taizhong City, Taiwan.

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Taiyuan Landmark Tower, PRC

Toronto, Canada

Overlooking the renowned Fenhe River in the capital city of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, the 50-storey tall Taiyuan Landmark office tower is twisted 22 degrees from the top to the bottom of the building, which resembles the solar path from East to West.

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2007 International Architectural Competition Finalist: Sustainable Residential Tower Design

Toronto, Canada
Summer 2007

Mr. Loh is the lead design architect for an international building design competition for a prototype residential tower in the UAE. This innovative design was the result of close collaboration with YWA of Toronto; Halcrow Yolles; Smith and Andersen; RWDI, all based in Canada.

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