LOH Architects is a Canadian company that delivers green
solutions to match our clients’ business goals. 
We offer a personalized and highly responsive approach to design, supporting imaginative ideas through applied research.

We are recognized for our elegant, contemporary design concepts inspired by an approach to construction that seeks a balance between Nature and Civilization.

Urban Change

We are at the forefront in a growing architectural community that seeks to offset the negative environmental consequences of urbanization. We view architecture as a solution to effect urban change on a grand scale.


Net Zero Energy and Carbon

Our green strategies extend beyond current LEED standards, aiming to deliver zero-energy solutions such as our expansion proposal for the Ontario Science Centre Museum Ravine Link.


Art and Technology

We believe that good design should complement sustainable solutions and bring balance between technology and art. Our approach facilitates collaboration between clients, architects, engineers, scientists, artists and constructors with the goal of redefining the future of cityscapes.


Global Challenge

We embrace the global green challenge. For international design competitions, we take theoretical lessons based on solid research and apply them to practical projects. Our 2011 feasibility study to construct a zero-energy addition for the iconic Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario, is one example of our green ethic.


Global Network

With a network of global consultants spanning Toronto, Beijing and Shanghai, we work closely with clients to deliver practical solutions, combined with green techniques, to address each client’s specific requirements.